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The Bromptons are coming!

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop will be a sales and service dealer for Brompton Bicycles, the premier folding bike that is lightweight, compact, and folds in less than 60 seconds. Watch this space for updates!

Tax-Free Weekend Sale Aug. 13-14

Save on just about everything

Save over 12% (save 6.25% in taxes plus a matching 7% discount from Ferris Wheels Bike Shop) on just about everything in the shop! Plus many additional discounts available.

Bikes of all types

We have hybrids, e-bikes, and specialty bicycles like the All-City Cycles Gorilla Monsoon Apex available in frame size 52cm. Click here for more specs on the Gorilla Monsoon Apex from All-City Cycles. As All-City Cycles says: “Taking inspiration from our famed cross bikes, the Gorilla Monsoon will send you far into the unknown with comfort, style, and elegance.” Save an additional 10% on any All-City bike in stock at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop.

AllCity Gorilla Monsoon Apex cyclocross bicycle with drop bars and large knobby tires in a rugged environment,

Saddles for comfort and performance

Make your bicycling experience more comfortable with an upgraded saddle. Come in and chat with our team – find out how a different saddle can help you reach your bike riding goals!

Helmets for kids and adults

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop stocks child, youth, and adult helmets in many styles! Remember that you should replace your helmet after an impact, or else every 5-10 years. Get your new helmet for 12.5% off this weekend, Aug. 13-14, 2022.

Lights and bells and more

Bikes should be seen AND heard! Add lights, reflectors, bells, horns, and more – at 12.5% off only this weekend, Aug. 13-14, 2022.

Open Saturday AND Sunday – this weekend only.

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop will be open 10am-5pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday for our Tax Free Weekend Sale, Aug. 13-14, 2022.

Cash is king

While we do accept credit and debit cards, using cash instead of cards keeps more of your $ local. We appreciate it!

Staff picks for bike lights


At Ferris Wheels Bike Shop, we carry a wide selection of lights and reflectors. Check out some of the staff favorites:

Fortified bike lights front and rearAfterburner and Aviator from Fortified Bicycle Products: these lights are bright and durable, designed to be theft-resistant. They have a lifetime warranty if you register your set. So if you want a quality set of lights you can leave on your bicycle without a care, these are a great choice. Definitely a good investment for $98.90. As staff member said: “They last forever.” (That may not be literally true but they DO have a forever guarantee.)


Cygolite Metro front and rearCygolite Metro 400: these lights are 400 lumens of brightness. (In case you didn’t know, that is really bright.) This front light will actually light your path a fair distance ahead, so you can see where you are going in low light and you will never out-bike the distance you can see ahead of you. Great for riding in the dark on minimally lit bike paths. For the amount of power they pack, the $95.80 price tag is actually very reasonable. They also have a lifetime warranty.

1 light 2 waysBlackburn 2’Fer: these lights are reversible in that a light can be used as either a front and/or rear light. They also have 2 ways of attaching: you can mount them to your bike with a wrap-around strap or clip them to your clothes, bags, or wherever else you like to clip things. They ALSO have a lifetime warranty.

We have many more options in the shop, and we’re always happy to help you figure out what lights and reflectors are the best choice for you. Just stop by anytime we are open.

Brooklyn Bicycles are here!

Ferris Wheels is proud to be a new dealer for Brooklyn Bicycle Company, a high quality brand of urban commuter bicycles. Brooklyn bicycles feature thoughtful design and high quality parts:

  • Chromoly steel frames are light, durable, and flexible
  • double-walled wheels and a careful, custom design give you more durability and a smoother ride
  • aluminum and stainless steel parts, plus vegan leather grips and saddles, for the best possible weather resistance

And, most importantly: these bikes are very, very, very pretty.







Stop by anytime we’re open for a test ride!

Explore Boston by Bike this month!

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop is co-sponsoring 3 local rides with Bicycle Benefits this month (September 2015).

These rides will be easy paced with stops to regroup. Riders should be able to bicycle at least 10 mph on level ground. All rides leave at 8:00am from Ferris Wheels Bike Shop (66 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130). Please bring water and a helmet!

Saturday, Sept. 5th: Emerald Necklace – Southwest Corridor Loop with two bonus spurs: How to get to the Esplanade along the Charles River and how to get to the BU Bridge to Cambridge. 2 hours, approx. 13 miles

Sunday, Sept. 13th: Boston Loop, JP to waterfront: incorporating Franklin Park, Forest Hills cemetery, waterfront path around Harbor Point & to Castle Island, South Boston Harbor Walk to ICA and Moakly Courthouse, looping back to JP along Melnea Cass Bike Path. 4 hours

Saturday, Sept. 19th: Bike Out of the City from JP: ride west through Brookline and Newton to Cutler Park. Includes some hills. Connects to many biking destinations. Under 2 hours, approx 16 miles.

You can RSVP below or on our facebook page!

Lights v. reflectors v. high vis clothing—what will keep me safest?

All of the above! Each works complimentary to each other; in some conditions lights are most visible. some things work better at different times of day or with different weather conditions. For example, on an overcast day, reflectors won’t help unless it’s really dark/rainy and cars have their lights on. can’t hurt when it’s daytime and the weather is gray, but high visibility clothing (neon colors, not just light colors) is the best way to go for being seen. Reflectors won’t do anything for you unless cars have their lights on.