Parts & Accessories

For our small size, we pack a huge selection of bike parts and accessories. Below is a short list of the general goods we carry. You can order for curbside pickup by browsing our online shop Рclick here for the Ferris Wheels Bike Shop online shop, showcasing accessories, apparel, and parts!

Please give us a call at 617-524-2453 if you have questions about specific items! Shopping is curbside only during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks for understanding.

Apparel department: summer and winter gloves on our wall

Apparel including cycling gloves, hats,  shorts, jerseys, raingear, T-shirts, and more.
Apparel department: safety green and blue long-sleeved jerseys hanging with "New Jerseys" sign



bells on wall

Accessories for your bike including bags, baskets, and bells (plus streamers, rear racks, reflectors, and more).basket and bag



rear full fender on a bicycleCommuter gear including mirrors, fenders (both clip-on and full fenders), child seats and trailers, including the innovative Burley Travoy.Burley Travoy on a bicycle going down the street

Sigma cycling computersCycling computers for your data needs!
Gift items including bike pint glasses, bottle openers, and of course gift certificates.
Bike pint glass, book, jewelry, and gift certificat



Skate Helmets from Bern and Giro
for men, women, and kids — both road and skate styles.
helmets in boxes

Reelights displayLights for your bike, from simple sets for urban commuters to high wattage sets for night biking in rural areas, plus battery-free Reelight.lights on wall



u-lock displayLocks, including heavy-duty U-locks and chains, light cable locks, and even seat leashes.
cable lock display



Parts for a wide variety of bicycles, including forks, washers in parts drawerpedals, seats, grips, wheels, tires, tubes, and so much more.
Seats and grips on display wall



Repair and lubes and clearners in display rackmaintenance supplies, including bike repair tools, patch kits for flat tires, and a variety of chain lubricants and cleaners.
tools hanging on wall



relectors for bicycles hanging on display wallSafety wear including reflective vests and a variety of reflective ankle bands, plus reflectors for your bicycle.
Reflective Ankle Bands including slap & wrap, stay sharp cuffs, and a tub of reflective leg bands



Shimano cycling shoes for men and women even sandalsShoes for cycling and spinning. Water bottles, nutritFerris Wheels Bike Shop custom water bottlesion, bike pumps, and more. IMG_0002[2]