They really don’t want to hit us!

I believe that, despite how it feels sometimes, drivers really don’t want to hit me. Bike-car accidents are a pretty traumatic experience for everyone involved. So the way to make yourself safer while riding is to make cars see you instead of hitting you. Here’s how! Be visible: Increase your daytime visibility with neon clothing and your nighttime visibility with reflectives and front and rear lights. Be predictable: Make eye contact with drivers, ride on the right side of the street in the direction of traffic, and don’t weave in and out of parked cars. All of these will make you more “readable” as a vehicle in the flow of traffic, and thus less likely to get hit. Be courteous: don’t cut off cars, give the right of way, and take your time in traffic. You do have legal rights on the road, as well, but remember: cars are way bigger and heavier and don’t always agree about your rights, so ride defensively.

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