Gift Guide | Winter 2015 | Ferris Wheels Bike Shop

1. Gift Cards. You can’t go wrong with a gift card to your friendly local bike shop! (Hint: that’s us.)


2. Lights. Nothing says “I care about your safety” like lights and reflectors. Ferris Wheels Bike Shop carries a wide selection of lights and reflective products. Check out some of our staff picks for lights here, come into the shop to see our NEW MonkeyLight display, or take a look at Jeff Ferris’s favorite, just in: the Vis 360 helmet-mounted lighting system (helmet not included):


Why is this light awesome?

    • can be seen from sides, not just front and rear
    • when you lock up your bike, no need to detach lights separately – just bring your helmet with you
    • durable design, water resistant, and micro USB rechargeable battery

Check out more info about the Vis 360 system on the Light & Motion company website
or just stop by Ferris Wheels Bike Shop for an in-person demo!

3. Tools, kits and bags. For the cyclist just getting more into riding or DIY repairs, you can gift a handy all-in-one kit like the Blackburn Local Ride Kit, which includes a portable pump (you can mount it to your bicycle), a multi-tool, tire levers (for changing flats), and a bag that mounts below the seat of their bike. Throw in a patch kit and a couple tubes that fit their bike, and you’ve got your loved one’s on-the-road repair needs pretty well covered!


4. Hydration. Our shop branded water bottles are actually excellent Purist bottles.

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop custom water bottles

5. Essential odds and ends. The most thoughtful gifts are what you know someone really needs, but they just keep not buying for themselves. Have you noticed that someone still hasn’t replaced those grips that were stolen 6 months ago? How about that other someone who keeps meaning to get a bell? These little odds and ends get to be fun, useful, AND thoughtful gifts.


Basically, if someone rides a bike, there is no better place to buy a gift than a bike shop!

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