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Alex has worked on and off at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop since 2012 and is currently the Workshop Manager. He loves to race his bike (cat. 1 on the road), eat yummy vegan food, and listen to loud music. He is also a coach for Bell Lap Coaching and would love to help with any of your training needs. Alex’s favorite things are eating a dozen bananas at a time and going on 200 mile bike rides.

Hi, I’m the Bike Sales Manager at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop. I love biking around and experiencing the world on my bike. I am a road rider, always seeking adventure and bike to places to where I can explore nature. At Ferris Wheels, I really enjoy helping people figure out what they need to enhance their biking experience. Although biking has been a part of my life for many years, I am just embarking on learning about the mechanics of bikes! So exciting! Also, I’ve been experimenting with using bike parts to emboss on my handmade paper. (I like making things, especially with organic materials like glass and fibers.) I love riding my bike!!

Ren learns about wheelsRen
I’m the office manager – sorry, I don’t know how to fix your bike! I bike mostly to get around when I’m not taking the bus. You can talk to me about charitable contributions, purchasing an ad in your program book, and whether or not we are happy with our telephone/security/shipping/etc. services.

Jack joined Ferris Wheels in the spring of 2018. They found their love for bikes while living in Philadelphia, and still miss the joys of an urban grid system. Since moving to Boston Jack has continued to advocate for putting more butts on bikes, and particularly enjoys teaching Ferris Wheels’ hands-on maintenance classes. They think the best bike is a well loved bike, and are excited to fix up your old ride to keep it rolling smoothly. When not in the shop they love getting out of the city on backpacking and bike camping trips. If they’re not talking about bikes, they’re probably talking about the radical queer agenda, burritos, or their two weird cats.

I help out part time and I’m not writing a bio (but we love Max anyway!!)

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