Paceline/Road Training Ride

Repeats of 4 mile loop in Brookline on streets bordering Putterham Meadows, The Country Club, and Pine Manor College. After warmup loop picks up to moderate to fast paceline. Speed varies with who’s riding. We try to encourage welcome and encourage new riders. First half of ride is no-drop.

One of the nice things about this ride is that if you do get dropped, we are never more than 4 miles from the start. Options to do different numbers of loops depending on when you need to get to work. Typically 3 or 4 loops for a total of 16 or 20 miles. There is a minimal traffic interface for a morning rush hour ride.

Leaves Tuesday & Thursdays from the Ferris Wheeks Bike Shop at 7am sharp when weather is at least 40 degrees and reasonably dry.
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