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Hi! I’m the general manager here at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop. Mountain biking is best biking. There’s nothing better than ripping down trails with friends. At the shop you’ll mostly find me sitting behind a computer busy ordering parts. If you have any products you’d like to see in the shop let me know!

Ren learns about wheels

I’m the office manager – sorry, I don’t know how to fix your bike! I bike mostly to get around when I’m not taking the bus. You can talk to me about charitable contributions, purchasing an ad in your program book, and whether or not we are happy with our telephone/security/shipping/etc. services.

Hi, I’m a sales associate at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop. I love biking around and experiencing the world on my bike. I am a road rider, always seeking adventure and bike to places to where I can explore nature. At Ferris Wheels, I really enjoy helping people figure out what they need to enhance their biking experience. Although biking has been a part of my life for many years, I am just embarking on learning about the mechanics of bikes! So exciting! Also, I’ve been experimenting with using bike parts to emboss on my handmade paper. (I like making things, especially with organic materials like glass and fibers.) I love riding my bike!!

Alex picture BHCAlex (white helmet on left)
You know me — I am over-the-top enthusiastic about EVERYTHING I like!!!!!!! You got some good food?? I want it!!!! You have a siqq bike? Lemme see it!!! You want to go on a ride?? DUDE, let’s do it!!!! I’m so down for whatever! I also love racing bikes and recently got a Fuji Altamira. It’s the coolest!! That stem is SLAMMED!!! So light and fast and responsive!!! I got second in the first race I rode on it with. I’m vegan and straight edge and so posi!!!! I’m a mechanic here at Ferris Wheels and I love helping people get their bikes back on the road.

EricMearnsEric aka Hombre Grande
Everyone at the shop calls me “Hombre Grande,” but my real name is Eric. I’ve been bicycle commuting in Boston for 10 years, and I know which roads in Boston are best for cycling. I like to help people find a pleasant route so that they feel confident riding their bikes around town. If you’re looking for a new bike or some accessories to make your ride more fun, come say hello to me. When I’m not working at Ferris Wheels, I like to ride my Fuji Roubaix road bike really far. I also like to help Jeffrey wind the clock at the Unitarian Universalist church. My cats Jake and Elwood are named after characters from Jeffrey’s favorite movie. “I know Jeffrey!”.

I help out part time and I’m not writing a bio (but we love Max anyway!!)

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